jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

Desde japón piden ayuda a las scraperas.

Desde Japón Tomoko Takahashi pide ayuda a las scraperas que puedan colaborando con sus trabajos de scrap a recaudar fondos para la Cruz Roja Japonesa.

Creo que seria una muy buena idea, haciendo lo que ma snos justa, animaros chicas, hacemos algo.
Para más información consultar su blog http://crop-addict.blogspot.com/2011/03/we-need-your-help.html

We need your help....

Hi everyone.
On March 11th, there was a big earthquake, the biggest earthquake ever to hit Japan recorded as magnitude 9.0 in Tohoku region. Also, that earthquake led another big quake in Kanto capital region. I am seeing these scenes by news and just feel so terrified by this tragedy....
I want to call out for your help. I am thinking of selling artists/scrapper's creations on online in Japan(they can be cards or anything) and donate the profit to Japan Red Cross Society, where they can send the profit to the places that were affected. I will be making some projects myself too.
If you are able to help, please send me an email to "ponyo0315@gmail.com" so I can send you the address to send your creation(s).
***Since all profits will be donated, I hope you will understand that I will not be able to pay for the expenses.
Here are some updates.
You will be sending your project(s) to me and I will be selling them on online(Still haven't confirmed how but thinking of the bet way we can do this)
We will be selling these to people in Japan (since we do not ship to overseas) The layouts and altered will be sold in the price of 3,000 Yen (About $36) and cards for 1,000 Yen (About $12). I know the price is not high, but we want more and more people to participate for the donantion. The profit will be donated to Red Cross Society.
I have given advises to sell the creations worldwide. It's just that I'm a little scared to do that since I have never sold anything to foreign countries before, and I will be mostly doing this myself....... (some girls will help though)

If someone can due for foreign countries too, that will be great help!!!!!
Thank you so much for your understanding.

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